Firefish Snippets Plugin Generator

Complete this form to create a plugin for your favorite snippet of MFM or other text. An action item is added to the "Create new note" and "Reply to note" ... menu action dialogs. Check out the demo.

New to Firefish Plugins? Learn how to install them. Still unsure? Get the details of how they work.

Required. A label for your MFM or text snippet that will appear in the new post menu as "Snippet: [Snippet Name]". A concise name is better! Not required. This will be added to the end of the snippet as "Created by: [Snippet Author]". Consider making it the fediverse username. You can include MFM but it must be a small one liner. Required. The snippet that will be pasted into the user's post content.

🎉 You did it! Plugin generated below.

Copy the code to your clipboard, then paste into the Settings > Plugins textarea.

Just interested in seeing what was generated? Open the accordion tab and take a look.

Generated Plugin Script
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You can now do any or all of the following:

  • Copy the clipboard content to a local file for safe keeping.
  • Paste the clipboard content into the Settings > Plugins textarea on your Firefish instance.
  • Share your code in an MFM code block with others.

Error Copying to Clipboard

Oh no - something went wrong when copying the code to your clipboard. Please copy it manually.